Behavaran Zarrin Mozhdeh

√ ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 Certified
√ Pesticide formulating, R&D, sub-packing & exporting
√ Customized crop protection products & packaging
√ Professional crop protection consulting
√ Experienced registration assistant

About Us

Behavaran Zarrin Mozhdeh is a major Iranian agrochemical Company based in Tehran province which is a leader in the production of copper based crop protection products, household pesticides and fertilizers for domestic and global markets.
We have a large factory located near the capital Tehran covering more than 20000 Sq. m area which is equipped with the modern machineries that partly are innovated by our own technical team.
The primary aim is the respect of the environment and its resources, following the “green chemistry” philosophy.
The continuous investment in R&D, technological innovation and the development of eco-sustainable products, has highlighted the BZM among the Iranian agrochemical companies.

Our company having developed it’s own expertise in the agrochemical industry now offers a range of Copper Based Fungicides, , Agricultural Pesticides, ….

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    Technical Service: We produce copper based pesticides with our innovative methods which makes us …

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  • R&D

    Our R&D (Research and Development) section plays a vital role to the overall production and quality of our products. The task of R & D section…

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    is an ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certified pesticide manufacturer. With the excellent management and professional standard, Essence is always being dedicated to ….